• Youth & Community Engagement

    We will build the capacity of our growing cadre of youth and supportive community residents, so we are enabled to better solve the community issues and empowered to take action to improve community conditions.

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  • Food System Priority

    All Holyoke residents, regardless of their income, race or neighborhood, will have access to fresh, local, healthy and affordable food. Mobile produce carts and more community gardens will provide residents with options for eating healthy food.

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  • Transportation System Priority

    Downtown institutional and infrastructural assets will be anchored by creating the Holyoke Health Corridor that will catalyze highly visible opportunities for health & development in a continuous space where residents feel welcome, safe, and can engage in healthy activity for all.

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  • Parks & Recreation System Priority

    Recreational facilities and open spaces throughout the community will have increased connectivity to increase walking and biking and will be welcoming to families.

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  • School System Priority

    School wellness will become a priority within the Holyoke Public School System culture and overall school environment. The schools will become a place where kids learn healthy lifelong habits and prepare themselves to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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  • Statewide Policy Priority

    The Boston and Holyoke, MA Food & Fitness Collaboratives will collaborate to build capacity for statewide policy change and support the formation and development of the Massachusetts Food Policy Alliance.

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Promoting Community Empowerment for Social Change

Food Systems

We promote greater access to healthy foods, create opportunities for residents to grow food, and advocate for equitable food policy issues at a local, state, and federal level.

School Wellness

We strive to improve health outcomes by addressing the social determinants of health, including decreasing levels of childhood obesity and rates of chronic disease particularly among vulnerable children.

Built Environment

The “Built Environment” refers to the, planning and infrastructure of our landscapes including but not limited to, cities, towns, transportation ways, technological infrastructure and more.

Other Projects

The Holyoke Food and Fitness Policy Council is a collaborative effort to make a lasting change in Holyoke. We actively working on numerous projects in the city to further our endeavours.